The applications listed on this page have been developped with our technologies and are either directly online or through their byproducts. They have been designed with our partner Docetis. They are hosted by our partner Edsi-Tech. We have also developped authoring applications not shown on this page. Please contact us to learn more.

Click on each logo to access the web site or sample documents.

Site of the craftsmen's association of Belgium

The application is a publication-oriented web site. It presents the association, some news, its members and their work. A part of the application is reserved for members to share document, to publish moderated classified ads and to announce administrative meetings.

Site of the Alliance association

The Alliance association provides assistance in building partnerships between industry and academic research in Switzerland. The application is a publication-oriented web site with projects and public events pages. It also contains a complete editorial chain to edit event registration forms, to collect participants registrations and then to edit and print participants lists and to print badges before the event.

Company listing of the Science Park of the EPFL

This is an application for maintaining and publishing a multilingual (French and English) database of startup companies. A contact person and the staff of the science park can edit a public company profile with several modules. The goal of the application is to encourage editors to frequently and accurately update their presentation. For that purpose it calculates simple statistics about the company profiles to generate some recommendations to improve their presentation, and to advertise the most recently updated companies.

The semi-structured document-oriented approach hasproven useful to open a web service to feed an internal advertising TV screen network in the different buildings of the park with some company profiles extracts to avoid multiple inputs.

NB: the company listing application is the part of the web site under the domain societes.

Focus newsletter authoring application for Platinn

The application runs on an intranet to let a small team of redactors edit a newsletter (4 pages, two columns, illustrated) directly within their web browser.

The newsletter data model has been derived from a set of legacy newsletters with two goals : first the ability to define an XSLT transformation that generates a CSS/XHTML representation suitable for conversion to PDF ready to be sent to the print shop, second the ability to export the newsletter to a content management system. The application manages authors profiles and a log mechanism to track and display the editing history, mainly to prevent concurrent editing of the same newsletter. Until now more than 10 newsletters have been written by redactional teams of up to 5 redactors, with more than 30000 printed copies.

You can download some PDF newsletter samples by clicking on the logo. You can also read Focus number 24 online.