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Quizz demo iPad ready (with iOS 5.x)

This demo illustrates a simple yet functional editor to create multiple-choice questions (MCQ). As books are becoming interactive with eBooks, such editors can become parts of an online authoring environment for eBook to allow authors to specify interactive parts such as MCQ gadgets. Note that the MCQ gadget requires a recent browser handling CSS transformations.

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Edit your own Quizz data

You can edit your own Quizz variant below, then click on the “Generate Quizz” button in the menu bar above to generate it. The “Reset” button will reinitialize the editor to create a new Quizz from scratch.

Hint : inside the editor you can cut and paste items or questions within an item to reorder them by pressing the SHIFT key on your keyboard while clicking on the minus (-) or plus (+) buttons.

Warning : cut-and-paste from other browser's windows may be disappointing, this is due to the incomplete state of implementation of contenteditable in browsers, this should improve in the future with the forthcoming Clipboard API.

How is this done ?

With the flexiblity of the Adaptable XML Editing Library (AXEL) it is possible to create custom authoring applications for nearly any gadget you can think of. This only involves two steps : 1) to design a structured document model to serve as the gadget data format (for instance you can see the XML data for the Quizz), and 2) to create a corresponding document template that the AXEL library will transform into an editor (for instance you can see the Quizz template, look at its source code for more details).

If you are a developer you may have a look at the Github repository to see the code.