Collaborative and editing applications on the web

Our expertise and our solutions apply to any project where data entry on the web is of first importance. From hosted applications to complete editorial chains and collaborative workflows, our technologies solve the data entry bottleneck for end users at a low barrier entry cost for developers. We answer coordination, editing and publication needs from digital to paper (Web2Print) to highly interactive dashboards.

Collaborative workflows and data entry on the web

tailored for your needs and fitting your needs

Our expertise

  • XML software stack
  • Single source publishing
  • Single source editing
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Usability engineering
  • Research and development


Phone: +33 9 83 62 33 65


[10/06/2015] - The CoachCom2020 operational platform we have deployed since the beginning of the year now contains more than 700 cases and is in use by more than 300 business innovation experts all around Europe. This is part of our effort in the CoachCom2020 coordination and support action (H2020-635518; 09/2014-08/2016) which has been selected by the European Commission to develop a framework for the business innovation coaching offered to the beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument. CoachCom2020 consists of a consortium of complementary organizations working in the field of business innovation coaching or innovation support throughout Europe, including: Innovayt SA (DK) (Coordinator), Platinn - Association Plateforme pour l’Innovation (CH), Scottish Enterprise (UK), Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LT), TII – Association Européenne pour le Transfert des Technologies (LU), CENTRIM at the University of Brighton (UK) and Oppidoc SARL (FR).

[01/29/2015] - Christine Vanoirbeek our research partner at EPFL will present the article we have written together with Houda Chabbi from the Haute école d'ingénierie de Fribourg at the XML Prague 2015 conference on Sunday the 14th of 2015. The article title is A Unified Approach to Design and Implement data-centric and document-centric XML Web Applications. It proposes original methods for safer and quicker web business application development.

[11/12/2014] - DocEng, the ACM SIGWEB International Symposium on Document Engineering will be held from September 8-11 2015 at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. The conference web site DocEng 2015 is powered by our open source framework Oppidum. It is realized by the Media research group, our EPFL partner for developing new web application architectures and development methods.

[09/05/2014] - The free research publication International Innovation has published an interview of Dr. Christine Vanoirbeek from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and ourselves in their issue Web of wisdom where we talk about recent document engineering developments to tackle web development.

[07/16/2013] - AXEL v1.3.2 release with a new jQuery like Javascript API. See the announcement.

[06/18/2013] - Back from XML London, you can browse our presentation online or see a photo of the event, that was a great week-end, many thanks to the organizers !

[05/30/2013] - SAC WT 14 call for paper on web technologies of the ACM symposium on applied computing is available. We have been member of the program committee since 2009.

[04/15/2013] - Our paper “Small Data in the large with Oppidum” written with C. Vanoirbeek will be presented at the forthcoming XML London 2013 conference. It explains our approach of web application development based on a full XML stack (XQuery, XSLT, eXist-DB). The conference will be held Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June, you can register online. You can consult the list of speakers.

[12/03/2012] - AXEL v1.3.1 available as planned on the AXEL roadmap, this version stabilizes the plugin API and the filter API to extend the library with new entry fields.

[09/24/2012] - Update of the XTiger XML Specification. It defines the document template language we are using to create custom document editors.

[09/24/2012] - New AXEL web site online. AXEL implements the XTiger XML specification.

[07/17/2012] - New editing demonstration of a multiple choices questionnaire available. It runs on iPad too and is proposed in partnership with publiwide. This illustrates a new text entry field in AXEL offering optimal integration with the web browser.

[06/12/2012] - Focus newsletter #24 made with one of our applications has been published.

[05/30/2012] - SAC WT 13 call for paper on web technologies of the ACM symposium on applied computing is available. We have been member of the program committee since 2009.

[03/28/2012] - AXEL open source authoring technology is described in a joint research report with our partners from INRIA : “A Lightweight Framework for Authoring XML Multimedia Content on the Web”.

[28/03/2012] - Séphane Sire's interview about Oppidoc foundation on the ENSIMAG alumni web site (French)

[09/27/2011] - Stéphane Sire's intervention as a Human Computer Interaction specialist in a subject about Google search tools with a researcher from Google in a Radio Suisse Romande : écouter [fichier mp3] talk (French)

[03/13/2010] - Our paper “Authoring XML all the Time, Everywhere and by Everyone” [pdf] written with C. Vanoirbeek, V. Quint and C. Roisin is presented at the XML Prague 2010 conference. This is the birth of the Adaptable XML Editing Library (AXEL) Javascript library. You can try the Article editor made to write the article using the AXEL library, we shared the article on a WebDAV server while writing it.